10 fun facts about NHL

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The NHL. 

As well as the NFL, and NBA, the NHL is one of the most popular sports in America, and it has a large fan following. Both for the excitement of the sport and for the gambling action that can come with it, as you can see here https://www.fanduel.com/fantasy-hockey

However, these are not the only fun parts of the NHL. There are also a whole host of fun facts about Hockey that are just as fun to know about. These are just 10 of the most fun facts about the NHL that anyone knows.  

1. Spelling Errors. 

The Stanley Cup is one of the most coveted sports trophies in the world, however, it is not without error. If you take a close look at the Stanley Cup, you will notice a whole host of spelling errors in the players and team names. One of the weirdest factors of this is just how bizarre it is that Jacques Plante’s name, which is on Stanley Cup winning teams five times consecutively, is spelled differently every single time. 

2. Fan’s can fill in as goalies. 

In hockey, teams always keep a list of emergency backup goalies for the rare occasion when both of the net minders are hurt or cannot play for some reason. The most recent reminder of this is in March 2018 a game in which the Chicago Blackhawks called Scott Foster- a former college hockey player, now accountant- to take up the position as the net minder on   the team. 

3. Live mascot. 

Back when the Pittsburgh team reached halfway through their inaugural season, they introduced Pete, the Ecuadorian penguin, as their mascot. Team executives had a dream to help Pete learn how to stake, however, he caught pneumonia, and he had to be returned to the zoo. He died shortly after this, but we will never forget the live penguin mascot. 

4. Rain

For an indoor game, it’s rather shocking that it is possible for a game to be cancelled by rain. However, in 1995 a game between the Detroit Red Wings, and the San Jose Sharks was cancelled due to rain. However, it was not due to a small sprinkling of water, it had actually rained so hard on that day that the river by the side of the Shark’s home barn flooded and water started to make its way inside. 

Who’d have bet on that happening! 

5. No Ice 

In 2015 the opposite event happened to the rain problem. It was the Stadium Series outdoor game, and California was struggling with a drought. As a result, over 20,000 tons of water had to be brought to the stadium by trucks to create the ice rink for the game! 

6. Optional mouth guards. 

Hockey has more toothless players than any other, and so you’d think they want to keep their mouth protected at all times However, the NHL still has not made it mandatory for players to wear these. While 90% of players do, it is still optional! 

7. Nap time

It’s not uncommon for hockey players to take a nap around mid-day before a game. Since game days tend to be long and laborious for the players, it is necessary for them to map out some time for a snooze, so they can do their best in the rink. 

8. Cephalopods on ice. 

Authorities had to put new rules into place about what items can be brought into a game, however, these rules do not deter fans from bringing in the weirdest things. In one of the most odd situations, a fan saran wrapped a flipper octopus on his stomach to bring it into the arena. 

All we can ask is… Why?

9. Ice hockey… in the desert? 

The first outdoor NHL game actually happened in a desert. In 1991 the Los Angeles Kings hosted the New York Rangers in a preseason contest outside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were a few issues maintaining an ice rink in 100-degree heats, however the game was still played in front of a sell out crowd. 

10. Scoring Goalies. 

With their entire role being in defense, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that NHL goaltenders would, just once, like to be on the offense. They might pick up the occasional assist every now and again, but it is near impossible for a goalie to manage to beat all others on the ice and the opposing goalie 200 feet away, however it has actually happened a dozen times, by 10 different goalies scoring empty net goals. 

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