5 Stanley Cup moments that are etched In history

The Stanley Cup is the biggest prize in ice hockey, but who's names will be engraved on it this year?

The NHL has always been a huge part of the modern sporting scene, with teams training hard in attempt to gain the Stanley Cup at the end of that season. Of course, there have been so many historic achievements and moments ever since the Stanley Cup was first presented. 

With the move towards a new era for the NHL and international sports, it is important to acknowledge how they got to where they are today. Because of this, these are five events within the Stanley Cup that are worth remembering. Check out the latest NHL odds for more detail about the latest developments and predictions. 

The Bill Barilko Tragedy 1951 

Unfortunately, these moments are not all positive. In 1951, Bill Barilko’s diving goal made headlines as one of his best achievements in his career. However, it was his fishing trip the following year that caused a great deal of concern. 

Barilko’s plane went missing, and it wasn’t found until eleven years later. The Maple Leafs did not win a Stanley Cup in all of that time, and many found the news of Barilko upsetting. However, many have chosen to celebrate the defenseman’s achievements during his career as a way of keeping his legacy alive. 

Ken Dryden’s 1972 Rookie Win

One of the most impressive achievements was seen in 1972 when the newest addition to the Montreal Canadians led the team to a Stanley Cup win. Ken Dryden had only taken part in six games within the NHL before that season, but it didn’t stop him from achieving huge things. 

The Atlantic Division was dominated by the North Stars at the time, and the odds were stacked against the Canadiens. In spite of all this, Dryden helped the team defeat their opponents and come out on top at the end of the 1972 season. 

Dryden’s name can be seen in the Hockey Hall Of Fame, and was named one of the 100 greatest NHL players in history. Despite a relatively short hockey career, Dryden remains one of the most important players in the history of the Montreal Canadians. 

New York Rangers’ 1994 Victory

Another huge moment in the history of the Stanley Cup was seen in the New York Rangers’ end to a 54-year-long losing streak. They may be known as some of the most popular members of the NHL today, but the Rangers had not won a Stanley Cup since 1940. 

This is why the team’s 1994 victory is still considered to be one of the most historic moments of the Stanley Cup. The Rangers have not gained the trophy since, but hopefully they have put their worst losing streak behind them! Thanks to the efforts of Mark Messier as team captain, the Rangers finished the 1994 season 3-2 in the Eastern Conference. 

Raymond Borque’s 2000 Victory

Raymond Borque spent twenty-one seasons attempting to lead the Boston Bruins to a Stanley Cup win. Although he was known as one of the best defensemen in hockey, Borque’s achievements never seemed to align with the Stanley Cup. 

In an attempt to get him a shot at the title, the Bruins traded Borque to the Colorado Avalanche at the start of the 1999-2000 season. After working closely with the team, Borque finally saw a Stanley Cup win at the end of this season. 

As the clock was counting down and the Avalanche’s victory was becoming more likely, the defenseman was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry from the bench. He knew that his career-long goal had finally been reached, and Borque lifted the Stanley Cup at the end of his season with the Colorado Avalanche. 

Montreal Canadiens’ Saku Koivu 2002 

The final moment comes from another Montreal Canadiens player, who earned major respect in 2002. Saku Koivu suffered from Burkitt’s lymphoma, and it wasn’t too clear about whether he would be seen back on the ice. 

When the Canadiens had three games left in that season, Koivu made his reappearance. After getting the all-clear from the doctors, Koivu was greeted with the loudest applause that the Canadiens have ever received. 

He returned as the team captain when they needed him the most, and it was an emotional day for everyone. 


There have been so many momentous events within the history of the Stanley Cup, that it is difficult to quantify all of them. Each player has achieved great things, and the above moments are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Because of the huge number of achievements throughout history within the NHL and the Stanley Cup, it is no surprise that some records and player standards have gotten higher. Make sure you are looking out for the newest rookies that have potential to be key players in the future. This can allow you to make accurate predictions and place bets appropriately. 

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