A beginner’s guide to Ice Hockey betting

There’s so much to love about ice hockey, from the players who don’t fall on the floor at the slightest contact to the glory. Still, like any sport, ice hockey often needs a boost of excitement to stop it from getting a bit dull. After all, you can’t expect every game to be action-packed and full of adrenaline. For that, you’ve got to make the action interesting, and wagering on the outcome is a fantastic option. Of course, betting for beginners is often complicated and risky, which is why you should try and stake your way to the top with the following tips. 

Compare Odds & Bonuses 

Whether you’re a casual gambler or you take it seriously, you should always shop around for the best offers. After all, not doing research is the same as leaving money on the table, which is counterproductive. By going to each betting company and checking their odds and promos, you should receive more bang for your buck. The problem is the effort – you can’t be bothered researching individual offers – but it’s not a problem with comparison sites. For example, 777 Casino tallies up the latest deals and publishes them on their website to eliminate any hassle. All you have to do is choose between your favourites! 

Play to Win 

‘Adding excitement’ isn’t a euphemism for ‘throwing your money down the drain.’ Sometimes, newbies can be caught up in the emotion of betting, meaning they pick teams and odds that aren’t suitable. Avoiding the long odds isn’t reinventing the wheel, yet it’s worth remembering nonetheless since personal sympathies can skew your judgement. Even in a two-horse race, there is a superior contender, and your chances aren’t 50-50. If you like the look of a hockey team but the bookies are firmly against them, you can always play a different market where there might be more opportunities to win. For instance, you could try betting in-play after watching them compete for half an hour. 

Steer Clear of Advanced Bets 

Betting in-play is fine as the rules are the same, barring a few obvious caveats, but this isn’t the case for all the betting markets. Lots of them are advanced, and as the name suggests, aren’t suitable for rookies. The main reason is that you don’t understand how they work, which means your odds of succeeding fall dramatically as a result. Plus, Investopedia says advanced betting can raise the stakes and encourage you to play with more than you’re comfortable. You might place £1 on a win Yankee, yet you’ll be charged £11 as the structure is eleven bets. The key is to master the basic stuff first and move onto the complicated markets when you have a better idea of the strategy and how to win. 

Follow Somebody Else’s Lead 

You’re a beginner, and like every newbie, you need training. However, as there’s money involved, you don’t want to take too many risks and lose out. Therefore, you should turn to the pros for tips and advice. There’s no reason to have one on speed dial, as Vice highlights, as they often post tactics and wagers on their social media accounts, which are free to follow and accessible from anywhere with a mobile device and internet connection.  

As with all betting, you should have fun, wager what you can afford, and stop while you’re ahead.

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