A good gesture for fans

Amid the global crisis we’re seeing many come together in an effort to help one another – from stories of neighbours helping with shopping, to the many volunteers that are offering their time to the key businesses that are swamped.

Others, however, have not been so lucky to have an opportunity to be supported – we’re seeing those in the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants struggling as many have had to cancel bookings and reservations as closures occur and people are forced out of work for the time being.

The Fife Flyers are offering a slight alternative, however, following their bid to receive some support via crowdfunding to keep them afloat. They are still offering full refunds to any who are unable to take an alternate option, but they are also offering vouchers as they are also trying to get through the challenges that others are struggling with. The vouchers can be exchanged for game day tickets once games get underway again – and season ticket holders, although unable to receive vouchers or refunds, will receive two additional games during the season. 

The small club have stated that it would be a struggle for them to survive as they currently rely on the week to week take in to keep things going, and that this alternative gives a little time to steady the ship and prepare to go through this in the long run. The unique and creative approach serves as a good way to keep the fans happy, as they’re able to attend future games at reduced or no additional cost, but also keeps the club afloat.

As we see the concerns around the coronavirus continue to grow, and we see many more event cancellations, requests for refunds will continue to rise and we will see many more businesses struggle – but maybe we can see those where able to take a page from the Flyers book and adopt a more unique approach to serving both their fans needs, but also keeping themselves safe. Especially for the smaller clubs that can’t afford to take a giant hit of refunding tickets going forward, and does help ease the challenges they may face ahead. 

The news of an extended lockdown has hit the UK, and as such a further delay to sporting events across the country – this does spell bad news for smaller teams such as the Flyers as long term support options are seeming a little sparring in areas, but with the great outreach to the fans and with other creative ways to gain fan attention such as the newest shirt off the back carer charity raffle, they’re sure to be able to stick around for a little longer.

For fans all over, the wait to get back in to things is here to stay – different services that rely on the games are starting to gear up preparations for the likelihood of a May start date again however, as sites such as all-promo-codes.com and other betting sites are offering discounts and codes to get people back into the gaming spirit once again – all eyes will fall on what happens in the coming two or three weeks, and with any luck there will be some good news at the end of it as the hope toward some lockdown restrictions being lifted continues to grow.

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