Beca: Joining Clan an ‘easy call’ to make

Braehead Clan forward Matt Beca admits he took his time to make the decision to sign for the club – but says it was ultimately an ‘easy call’ to make.

The 30-year-old weighed up his options for the new season and, after doing his due diligence, found it to be the move that made him most comfortable.

“I’m not the best at making decisions so it took me a little longer once I thought everything through and make sure I was comfortable with the move,” said Beca.

“Like anyone else, once I’ve made that decision I want to be sure that I’m going to be happy and there won’t be any second thoughts.

“Talking with coach (Ryan) Finnerty and the five guys I’ve known that have played at Braehead, they’ve never had a bad thing to say about the organisation or the area.

“The ambition shone through a lot and as a player, you always want to go to an organisation that’s committed to winning instead of finishing in the middle of the pack.

“It made it very comfortable for me to decide that would be the right move for me and I’m pleased to have made it. After weighing up all the pros and cons, it was an easy call.

“This is most definitely the exciting time and I’m really excited to be coming over. It’s gets boring just working out all the time through the summer and skating on your own.

“It’ll be great to explore Glasgow and places around it and everyone I know that’s been there has loved it so I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself.

“I think the league will be a great challenge and will be a bit more like playing back home in North America than in some of the other leagues in Europe I’ve played in.

“From what I know the league is getting stronger every year and there’s no easy nights. When you go into a game, you have to be ready for a battle.”

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