Betting on Ice Hockey: Tips to winning your bets

The most popular ice hockey league globally is the National Hockey League (NHL), which is based in the United States and Canada. The Stanley Cup is the most coveted trophy in professional hockey, and betting on who will win it is one of the most popular ways to gamble on hockey. 

As the NHL season winds down and the Stanley Cup Playoffs loom large, many sports fans will be looking to get in by betting on their favorite teams. For those new to betting on ice hockey or even sports in general, here are a few things to help you get started.

How To Bet On Ice Hockey Online

The first thing you need to do is find an online sportsbook that offers ice hockey betting. Not all sportsbooks offer bets on every NHL game, so it’s important to shop around and find one that does. Once you’ve found a good sportsbook, the next step is to open an account and deposit some money. Most sportsbooks will offer a variety of payment methods, so you can choose the one that’s most convenient for you. Now that you have an account set up and funded, it’s time to start placing bets! 

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular, and there are several ways to bet on hockey online. Check for more information on betting online.

NHL Live Betting

Another way to bet on NHL games is through live betting when you place a bet while the game is being played. You can do this online through sportsbooks that offer live betting. Live betting allows you to bet on how many goals will be scored in the next period or who will score the next goal. This is a great way to get in on the action if you cannot watch the game live.


Types Of Ice Hockey Bets

Now that you know how to bet on NHL games, it’s time to learn about the different types of bets.

League bets

League bets are wagers on the outcome of an entire league/tournament season. There’s a lot of danger involved in these bets, but the profits can also be substantial if you’re successful. For example, you could bet on which team will win the Stanley Cup before the playoffs.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are the most common type of bet in all sports. With a Moneyline bet, you’re simply betting on which team will win the game.

Puck line bets

Puck line bets are similar to point spread bets in other sports. With a puck line bet, you’re betting on whether a team will win by a certain number of goals or lose by less than that number.

Over/under bets

Over/under bets are placed on the combined score of both teams in a game. For example, if the over/under is set at six and the final score is, the bet would be a push (a tie). If the final score is, then the bet would be a win.

Futures bets

Futures bets are wagers on events that will take place in the future. For example, you could bet on which team will win the Stanley Cup before the playoffs.

Proposition (prop) bets

Proposition bets are wagers on specific events that will take place during a game. For example, you could bet on whether a certain player will score the game’s first goal or how many penalty minutes a team will accumulate.

Now that you know the basics of betting on NHL games, here are tips to help you win your bets:

Understand The Odds

The favorite in any given match-up will usually be listed at -120, meaning that you would have to bet $120 to win $100. On the other side, the underdog will usually be listed at +140, meaning that a $100 bet would net you $140. If you see a – (minus) sign in front of the odds, it means that team is favored to win. The higher the number after the minus sign (i.e., 200), the greater the team’s favorite.

Conversely, if you see a + (plus) sign in front of the odds, that team is the underdog. The higher the number after the plus sign (i.e., +250), the bigger underdog that team is.

In order to win your bet, you not only have to pick the right side but also correctly gauge how much of an underdog or favorite they are.

Do Your Research

Like any other type of gambling, you must do your research before placing any bets. This means familiarizing yourself with the teams, the players, and the league. Keep an eye on team morale, recent injuries, and player/coach interactions. These can all impact how a team performs on the ice.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the weather. Ice hockey is a winter sport, and cold temperatures can impact how fast or slow the puck moves on the ice.

Understand The Different Types Of Bets

The most common type of bet is the Moneyline, simply picking who you think will win the game. You can also bet on the total number of goals that will be scored in a game or who you think will score the first goal. There are many other types of bets, so make sure you understand all of your options before placing any bets.

Bet On The Underdog

This is one of the most popular betting strategies, and it’s based on the fact that sportsbooks usually don’t give the underdog enough credit.

By betting on the underdog, you can sometimes find value in odds that seem too good to be true. Just make sure you do your research before placing any bets, as you don’t want to lose money on a bad bet.


These are just a few tips to help you become a successful NHL bettor. Remember, winning doesn’t always come easy, but as long as you do your research and understand the odds, you give yourself a much better chance of coming out on top. Good luck!


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