Betting on individual players? Consider this

The most obvious or self-evident betting product based on an individual focus is, unquestioningly, betting on different versions of how many goals in the match a player will score. It could be “at least two goals” or “three goals or more” and who will score the “first goal of the match”. Sometimes there are also special products such as “scoring a goal with a backhand”, often at very high odds.

Betting on individual games can be rewarding. This is because there are 21 outfield players on each team, and in any one match, the main attacking players are on the ice for a maximum of a third of the time. Time in the offensive zone is therefore limited. One of the most interesting betting aspects is thus goal scoring. Whether you want to find a good betting site when you want to try betting on your favourite hockey team or if you want to bet on individual aspects of a specific match, it is important to keep track of each individual player, especially the respective stars. By understanding the parts, you become better at the whole.

Play with a bonus

Playing with a betting bonus can be a great method to extend your budget. We recommend you take a look at the best bonus betting sites on this web page to find great bonuses for you. 

If you are new to betting on individual players, using a bonus can be a good strategy. This allows you to try a new type of bet with lower risk than using your own money.

Goal Scorer Strategies

There are two main ways to place goal scorer bets. If you want to back one of the favourites to score, the best bet is to back them as first or last goal, as the odds for them to score at any moment are quite low.

If you want to bet an outsider, the anytime goalscorer market comes into action. For example, an outsider may be put at 16/1 in the first and last goalscorer markets. Because they are a more expensive selection, they are more popular in the anytime goalscorer market, where they are normally priced between 3 and 4/1. As a result, they are a viable choice.

That makes them an option to back at any moment because the price is still reasonable, and it also gives you an interest throughout the game rather than just until the first goal is scored.

The price will influence the market you wish to use as well as the outcome of your wager. This method of betting, however, provides excellent possibilities and flexibility for punters, which is why it is so popular.

Analyze Past Performances

In order to place good bets or to bet sharply on individual players and games, it is important to know the apparent form of each player, but also what opposition they are going up against and who their teammates are. Keep track of whether the player you want to bet on is playing in the same chain or back pair as he always has. Is he a so-called power player? Is there anyone missing from the powerplay lineup?

Leagues often have their own statistics, but you as a bettor may have to dig a little deeper. Then you should look for stats like Corsi For-Percentage, Zone Starts, and Zone Exits.

Corsi For-Percentage

CF% is about the percentage of all shots on goal that the player’s team takes while he is on the ice. If the CF percentage is over 50%, the team dominates when the player is on the ice.

Zone Starts

ZS% is about whether a player starts many substitutions in his own zone. If a player starts many substitutions in his own zone, he is more likely not to create as many scoring chances going forward.

Zone Exits

How good is a player at moving the puck from his own zone and into the offensive zone? Look at the Zone Exits and Zone Entry attempts to get an idea of this.

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