Bjorklund joins Steelers’ defensive unit

Sheffield Steelers have completed the signing of ‘D’ man Christoffer Bjorklund.

The 28-year-old spent last season with with Mora IK in Sweden’s Allsvenskan and brings a wealth of experience to the Elite League.

Bjorklund said: “I was looking for a new adventure, a new challenge and after speaking with Paul (Thompson) I decided Sheffield was the perfect place for that adventure to begin.

“I spoke with Freddie Vestberg who played in Sheffield last year and had great feed back. Whilst I haven’t played with either Paul or Jerry (Andersson) before, I’m aware of them and their involvement with the Steelers.

“Sheffield is a winning organisation and who doesn’t want to win? I’m sure its going to be very tough trying to win the league for a third time, but we’ll try very hard that’s for sure.

“The CHL excites me as well – who wouldn’t want to play in those games? It also means an early return to Sweden. Those games will be very difficult and a huge challenge, but we will go in looking to be successful.”

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