Braehead boss looks to build

Braehead Clan Head Coach Ryan Finnerty says Sunday’s 10-2 Elite League win at Edinburgh Capitals gives his team something to build on.

Finnerty made the changes he threatened after Saturday’s shoot-out loss to Nottingham Panthers and was pleased to leave Murrayfield with a big win.

He said: “We made a few changes in our line-up, although we kept our third line the same, but I mixed up the other two and made some decisions on the positions where guys were playing.

“It was one of those nights where anything we did went in and I felt it was long overdue and nice to have at the end of it.

“Just getting the win when you come to Edinburgh is a positive, irrespective of how many you score. It’s good for the confidence though.

“There are some positives, but we have to keep building on it. It’s a tough league and everyone is taking points off each other where they can.

“Three points from the weekend isn’t ideal, but it’s better than no points or two points and we’ve got to keep pressing through the clouds.”

Finnerty also touched on the one problem area of the team in recent games, the powerplay unit, which caused his strong post-match comments on Saturday.

There was a better outcome for the special team in Edinburgh and this also gave the Clan coach some kind of foundation to build upon.

He added: “I was angry on Saturday because five-on-five we played fine, but it was our powerplay that let us down. Had we taken our chances we would have won that game.

“We were finding ourselves outworked by a team with one less player and they got momentum off it and that was frustrating.

“It’s not about scoring every time you get a powerplay, but you certainly can’t get outworked and on the flip side, our penalty kill units did a great job.

“We only had the two powerplays and managed to score in one of those and it was a good feeling, plus it gives us something to build on moving forward.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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