Brooks looking for redemption

Braehead Clan forward Brendan Brooks says his team are looking for redemption in front of their own fans.

After five weeks on the road, Clan returned to home ice last Saturday, but were stunned with a 7-1 loss to biggest rivals Fife Flyers which had the betting top10 scratching their heads.

Brooks is keen to end the four game losing run the team have embarked on as they take on Edinburgh Capitals on Saturday.

“Last week was a big disappointment for everyone, fans included, but the beauty of this game is we get the chance to redeem ourselves,” he said.

“Anything that could have gone wrong for us last Saturday did. The first four or five shifts, we looked full of life and had good chances.

“When Fife scored their first one, it took the wind out of our sails a little, because we were going. Then they got the second and you feel everything drop a bit.

“We owe the fans and ourselves one on Saturday. Everyone was disappointed at how it turned out and we’re keen to show the fans what kind of team we can be.

“Edinburgh are a better team than last season. The whole league has improved as a whole so every game is one you have to be ready to play. It’s as simple as that.”

“That’s on us and we have to pick that up and anything can happen in the game.

“I’m always going to go into a game playing the same way, no matter where I’ll go and it’ll be no different for me on Sunday when we go to Fife.

“I’m sure I’ll get some boos from the fans, but I’m looking forward to going back and hopefully returning the favour of what they did to us.

“It’s a big game and we have to come away with two points from their barn. They’ve got a lot of confidence so it’s our job to play just as hard and take that away.

“Todd has brought in a good bunch of players this year and when I was there, we had a really skilled team, but we were missing was heart from some guys.

“But I can already see they have that this season from the players they’ve brought in and they’re showing that.

“It’s all about what you bring with the skill and it’s same for this club too. If we bring the heart, we will succeed.

“Ville’s a hard-working guy and I know John had him in mind, speaking to him earlier in the year.

“It was easy for me to hand that over as I was brought here to be player-assistant coach. Sometimes to juggle in being the captain too can be tough and I’m pleased Ville is able to help out.

“Something needed to change and if it makes our team better, then I’m all for it. We needed a new lift and a new voice and I believe this is a great thing.

“Hopefully we can get things going on the right track.”

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