Brust: Injury has hampered me, but I’m coming back

Barry Trust hasn't had the best of starts at Sheffield Steelers but he says he's on the way back (PHOTO: Dean Woolley)

Sheffield Steelers netminder Barry Brust admits injury has curtailed his season as he looks to shake off a disappointing start to his time in the Elite League.

The experienced 38-year-old has had an indifferent start to life with Aaron Fox’s men, but after finally getting to the bottom of a troublesome injury issue, he’s confident of bouncing back.

Brust says his issue is relatively minor and hopes to get back to some kind of form soon.

“The stuff I have gone through since I got here, he told the Sheffield Star. “I’ve finally got the correct diagnosis. I’ll get the right treatment going forward and I feel good about where we are heading.

“We will be able to treat it effectively and in the proper way. It’s nothing I have ever dealt with before, I have eight screws in my right foot and thought that maybe that had something to do with it but it didn’t so it is actually really good news in the end.

“I just haven’t played very well. I started to feel pretty uncomfortable in some of the games, but in Manchester on Friday I started feeling pretty good, but I had some equipment issues.

“Going forward I will be a lot better.”

Brust was given the nod against Manchester Storm at the weekend (PHOTO: Mark Ferriss)

Barry Brust, a former LA King in the NHL, has shared goalie duties with Rok Stojanovic this season as Fox alternates his options.

He says he’s having a great time in the UK so far and appreciates the supports he’s had from the Steelers fans so far.

And he insists not being the number one pick is not an issue for him as he spoke about his netminder colleague and his attributes.

“I am amazed at how much support the Steelers’ fans have given me so far. I have been brutal so far but they have still been very, very supportive,” he added.

“I’m appreciative of that fact and am looking forward to treating them to some better hockey from myself, going forward.

“The most important thing was to maintain a run of consistent wins for the support base. But we are lucky in Sheffield where we have four people who can play goalie.

“It’s fun to watch Rok play so far. Obviously he is a great, big guy, he moves so well for his size. It has been a treat to watch him play so far.

“For me, it is not the biggest deal to be number one.”

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