Bruton hits back at critics

Coventry Blaze forward Chris Bruton has hit back after being criticised by a former Braehead Clan teammate.

Netminder Chris Holt described Bruton as ‘a cancer we would have traded for a bag of pucks’ during a chat with the Purple Army Podcast earlier this week and the Canadian has now responded during an interview with Blaze Media Manager, Rob Plaister.

Bruton said: “First of all, I don’t have Twitter. I got rid of it and I don’t pay any attention to it or podcasts or any of that stuff.

“I was raised with far too much class and integrity to get into public bantering and have way too much respect for the game and players – I firmly believe that what goes on in the dressing room should stay in the dressing room.

“I’ll not say a bad thing about any of the guys I battled hard with, nor my time in Braehead. I loved Scotland – I had an incredible time and was grateful for the opportunity. The fans were amazing and it’s unfortunate it ended the way it did.

“In saying that, with any dispute it usually seems the party making the most noise is generally trying to scapegoat or justify something.

“I’ve heard there’s been a little question as to why I was traded, and having lost five of their last six games since I left an easy way to defend that would be to publicly attack my character.

“When I was there we knew we had the schedule in our favour and a great chance to take the title. I feel for the guys and wish them all the best down the stretch.

“I know how things happened and so do the others who know what’s going on – that’s all I need and care about.

“The social media circus that is going on has become downright embarrassing and I’m surprised the league has not stepped to in to save some credibility.

“General Managers and Coaches of teams Tweeting personal attacks at players is downright childish, ridiculous and completely unprofessional.

“Look at the Detroit Red Wings. Do you really think a GM like Kenny Holland would be Tweeting about players? Would you see Mike Babcock displaying this form of communication to the public?

“Would organisations allow their players to represent them by Tweeting at referees or giving banter at other players from other teams?

“Professionalism and the integrity with which you treat players should be at the forefront of any hockey organisation and is the very core of what separates hockey from any other sport.

“Having said that, I really want to commend and thank Coventry Blaze, particularly Peasy (James Pease) and Chuck (Weber) for how professional they’ve been.

“The team, the fans, have all accepted me with open arms and I’m extremely grateful – my expectations have been completely blown away.

“The move has recharged me – I’m hoping to try and help this team make the play-offs and hopefully bring back another championship.”

(Image permission: Scott Wiggins)

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