Capitals loan Zanette to Asiago

Edinburgh Capitals have agreed to loan club captain Paul Zanette to Asiago of Serie A in Italy for the remainder of the 2015/16 season.

Zanette, who is completing the first of a two-year contract, leaves to join up with the Italian national team shortly.

Capitals’ owner Scott Neil, said: “Paul joins Italy in six days, so we were we were going to be without his services for a number of games, possibly spanning two weekends.

“By agreeing this loan we look to build on Paul’s return as an investment in our future. Paul has been an outstanding player and role model and someone who we were keen to retain for next season.

“With that in mind, we’re trying out new, young players who we hope will play for the club next term.

“We have a least one more player coming in this week and we’ll continue to try to identify new talent right up to the signing deadline in two weeks.

“Paul’s MBA is going well and he’ll return to us in August for the new season, and also to complete his studies.”

Zanette commented: “I’ve been talking with Scott about this arrangement in various forms for a while. The key was reaching an agreement that works for all parties.

“The priority was ensuring that it was a loan, not a permanent departure. When we were able to agree that principal, the benefits for all became clear.

“I’ll be putting my stuff into storage in Edinburgh now, playing in Italy until mid-April when I’ll head back to North America for the summer, and then return to Edinburgh for next season.

“I’m committed to the Club and to the City for the long term. I want to be part of a winning future, and this seems to be a good way to help to achieve that.”

(Image permission: Edinburgh Capitals)

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