Chalmers: Exciting times ahead for Clan

Braehead Clan boss Gareth Chalmers says the club has some ‘exciting times ahead’ after it was revealed that plans to build a new 8,000-seater arena had progressed.

Proposals for the new facility have been referred to the Scottish Ministers for their input, with the Elite League club eyeing a move into the building in 2020.

Chalmers commented: “I read in the Daily Record that planning permission had been given for the new arena – they’re talking about 8,000 to 8,500 seats which is good.

“It’s still very much happening from what I understand, but we know as much as anybody else does right now. It was very positive news to read.

“I think there are still a couple of hurdles to go through, but it’s exciting times ahead. We have got a new venue and a bright new future to look forward to.

“That’s the difference between us and Nottingham, Sheffield and Belfast – they have more bums on seats and that’s where their extra revenue is coming from right now.

“It would totally change the dynamic of the club overnight – new buildings always do.

“For us to go from a 3,500-seater arena to whatever it will be is a massive step. It certainly makes my job more difficult to try and get bums on seats, but it is something we are very focused on. We are looking forward to the challenge.

“If we can continue that growth there’s no stopping us. I’m not saying filling the arena but certainly getting more bums on seats – around six or seven thousand supporters in the building.

“It’s all very encouraging and positive.”

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