Charnock returns for second year with Steeldogs

Sheffield Steeldogs have confirmed forward Liam Charnock has agreed a second season with the club.

Charnock joined the Steeldogs after spending the previous four years years playing in Canada and America.

Player/Coach Greg Wood said: “Charns did a fantastic job coming in – he does all the ugly little jobs a lot of players don’t want to do.

“His play is very simple and effective. He knows exactly what his role is and he played it to perfection.

“He’s not going to score 30 goals a season, but what he brings to the team is more than equal to anybody who could do that.

“You need those kinds of players and I believe we have the best guy in the league in that role – and it is such an important team role.

“He is a key guy and he’ll lock everything else in place.”

Charnock added: “I got a lot of ice time last year and I really appreciated that. I was new to the EPL so there were many other guys who could have been getting that time.

“I liked the hockey and getting voted as Players’ Player was an honour – they’re a great bunch of guys.

“I’d like to try and score some more points next year, but I don’t want to stray from the game I got praised for last season.

“I think Woody was happy with what I did so I don’t want to change my game too much.

“I think we can do some damage in the league – our recruitment is off to a strong start with the coach and the captain back and a few other names I’ve heard mentioned.

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