Dutiaume: Stockton has more to offer

Fife Flyers’ head coach Todd Dutiaume says Shayne Stockton will be a key player for the team next season.

The forward will return to Kirkcaldy for a third year after being announced earlier in the week by the club.

Dutiaume admitted he’s delighted that the 28-year-old is fully recovered from the lower body injury that limited his campaign last year.

“Shayne will be a key player for us next season and got off to a great start last year and I think I’m right in saying he led us in the scoring off the bat,” he said.

“He always plays a big part and it’s important we recognise quality people – we know he has more to offer.

“Obviously we were delighted to get the news that Shayne was cleared and 100 percent healthy again. He was a big part of our team and would have been, but his absence left a hole.

“He was pieced in to be the number one guy in the powerplay, but he’s back on the ice now and recognises it’s going to be a tough summer for him.

“We want his conditioning increased as we feel he has more to offer, but the important thing is he’s skating again and we can’t wait him back into a Flyers jersey.

“He’s excited as are we and that’s a great first signing for us.”

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