EIHL announces result of independent review

The EIHL asked for an independent review of the incidents that occurred in the game between the Sheffield Steelers and the Belfast Giants on Sunday October 22nd, 2017.


Lyle Seitz, former NHL linesman was used along with members of the Player Safety Committee (PSC), a global body established for overseeing player safety and discipline for a number of leagues throughout the hockey world.  Members of the PSC are experienced hockey people that look at incidents and give their independent analysis based on the video clips supplied by the leagues.


Based on this independent review, the EIHL have taken the following action:


Fretter – Suspension is now 6 games instead of 1 game.


Goulakos – Suspension is now 2 games instead of 3 games.

Penalty for 5+ Game for Checking from behind is removed from his record. 




Situation #1: The body check delivered by White (6) on Orange (67)


This play, is a legal body check. No injury, no real force, not excessive, which eliminates any and all possible factors to be worthy of a 5+ Game Misconduct.  Fact White (6) hit the back of Orange (67) is the fault of Orange skating backwards out of his D-Zone into Neutral zone. It’s simply a body check that is expected, taught and required (player stepping up and taking skating lane away from puck carrier).


Situation #2: The physical contact delivered by Orange (67) on White (6)

Category 3 – ‘Intentional’ – a wilful purpose to injure.  Incident is deemed serious in nature and is considered a wilful negligence act of intent to cause injury, intending to affect the game by making illegal and/or unsuspecting contact.



  • Wilful intent to injure
  • Directly from behind
  • Opposing player was unsuspecting
  • Directly to the head/neck area of the opposing player
  • Use of hands in a forceful manner to inflict punishment
  • Distance travelled, with intent, for the purpose of punishing an opposing player with physical action deemed recklessly endangering
  • Caused an apparent injury




Situation #3: Kick by White (6) on Orange (67)

Category 1 – ‘Careless’ – insufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or error. Liable to happen as a consequence of, by intending to affect an opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion or the incident is deemed careless causing negligence.



  • Not intentional, but rather in self-defence of a severe infraction that had directly occurred
  • Responsible for his action in that he did use the skate in a manner that is deemed dangerous
  • Not deemed a kick, more a push off to hold aggressive opponent back from inflicting further punishment
  • May have been concussed (injured) at the time of the original infraction, which may influence making rational decision(s)


Lyle Seitz along with the PSC have agreed to look at incidents going forward to assist the EIHL in the interim until the EIHL meet on November 8th for an emergency board meeting to discuss DOPS and Refereeing.


The EIHL have removed Simon Kirkham as Head of the Department of Player Safety with immediate effect.

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