Finnerty factor key to Aarssen return

Braehead Clan defenseman Scott Aarssen says Head Coach Ryan Finnerty is unlike any other coach he’s ever worked with.

The Canadian was recently confirmed as returning for his fourth season in Glasgow and credited Braehead’s coach as one of the main reasons for his decision to come back.

“‘Finner’ isn’t a normal coach, but he’s a great coach and I’ve enjoyed the past three seasons under him,” he said.

“He wants to win games, titles and trophies and treats players professionally, which deserves respect and it’s a two-way street with him.

“If you respect him, he’ll respect you and I enjoy the systems he uses. He is also good at adapting on the fly and will change the style when he needs to, which is always good.

“I like to play under him and that was a big factor for me to return as well as the return of the some of the core players.

“But it never really crossed my mind to go anywhere else and since my first day in my first season I’ve been treated really well.

“Braehead was where I always wanted to be and I’ve always enjoyed it there – from fans and the city to the organisation.

“Not winning any trophies is the biggest frustration last year, although we won the Conference, but we didn’t get our hands on the big three competitions.

“The amount and timing of the injuries were frustrating and I think one or two of those guys being there could have made a difference.

“To come within a few wins just gives you the extra motivation for the coming season, but there’s always a renewed hunger and drive coming into a new season.

“We’re starting with a fresh clean slate and everyone starts at zero points. The signings we’ve made and the way the guys have been talking, it’s going to be exciting and promising time.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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