Finnerty targets consistency

Ryan Finnerty is the club's longest serving coach, working ther between 2013 and 2017 and led them to a second place finish in 2015 (PHOTO: Al Goold)

Braehead Clan Head Coach Ryan Finnerty was pleased at the response of his players as they beat Elite League leaders Cardiff Devils 3-1 on Sunday.

After losing 5-2 at home to Sheffield Steelers on Saturday, Braehead bounced in style at the Big Blue Tent to claim a valuable victory ahead of the busy Christmas period.

Finnerty is now looking for more positivity in the coming days and weeks as he looks to build on the result at a notoriously tough venue.

He said: “We needed a response in Cardiff after a disappointing effort on Saturday and we knew we needed to play tight defensively.

“It was pretty tough watching these guys battle, but ‘Holtsy’ came up with some big saves and our defence played strong.

“Now we have to dim the negativity. It’s too easy to be negative where fingers are pointed. We have to find a way of being positive from now on in.

“I’ve said this to Gareth Chalmers and others that it’s too easy to get on that ship when things aren’t going well and we’ve got to find ways to do it.

“Self-belief and communication is the way to go and I’m tired of being down. Cardiff was a good step after a good pre-game meeting. It wasn’t pretty, but that’s what it takes and we got it.”

As the coach looked around the other results, he saw positives as the teams around the Clan in the standings also dropped points over the course of the weekend.

Finnerty has targeted finding consistency and reckons his team have to be willing to step up and do that bit more to assure themselves of big victories.

He added: “There’s been no blood spilled looking around the other teams and the results. Everyone won one and lost one of the teams we’re chasing, apart from Belfast.

“But by doing more, we can compete with anybody in the league, but it’s trying to find the consistency to do that which has been difficult.

“We needed to step on to the ice in Cardiff knowing we were going to win and we had that mindset. If you’re going to be successful, that’s the attitude to have.

“Again we’ve seen Sheffield lose to Coventry, who took four points. Every night it’s going to be the team willing to do that big extra on the night, and we’ve got to find a way to be exactly like that.

“As long as we don’t get cocky, and beat the teams we need to, then there’s no reason why we’re not on track to win some silverware.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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