For sports lovers: slot machines about hockey

As we head into fall, hockey fans are usually gearing up for the upcoming season. If you are looking for hockey action, then you should definitely check out online slot machines and give them a go. Sports fans don’t have to wait for NHL and all the live-action to return, or have to wait between games. 


In essence, you can play hockey-themed games whenever you like, whether on your computer or on your mobile phone. Thus, let’s explore some amazing and entertaining ice hockey-themed slot machines all hockey fans will adore.

Ice Hockey

In spite of the game’s plain-sounding name, this is no ordinary slot. These reels feature cartoons of hockey players, their shoes, sticks, and nets. Wild reel icons are the nets, which can payout up to 10,000 times the coin you originally bet, while player icons pay 5,000 and 1,000 times, respectively, your original wager. A brilliant bonus round in Ice Hockey involves passing the puck from one player to another, with each successful pass awarding you three times the value of the coin.

Hockey Hero Slots

You’ll love Hockey Hero Slots if you’re looking for a game with what feels like a never-ending number of paylines. In this video slot, you have the classic 5-reel and 3-row setup, but 40 paylines. In other words, you can follow the format easily so that you can win big. It has a medium variance, which means that it can be enjoyed by newbies and more advanced players alike.


The theme of the game is perfect with it being played in a huge rink. In addition to flags covering the walls of the rink, you’ll hear fans cheering in the background which evokes a positive feeling. When you close your eyes, it’ll seem as though you are watching a game of hockey in real life. You’ll also find special symbols, a scatter, free spins, a bonus round, and plenty of free games.

Break Away

We have Break Away, an excellent hockey-themed title all hockey enthusiasts will definitely love. There are five reels in this slot and 243 ways to win. The game offers 243 pay lines, which means you have a high chance of winning.


You can enjoy not only the huge number of pay lines but also the fact that it’s beginner-friendly. A user-friendly interface has been carefully designed and tested, so most users describe it as easily navigated and straightforward. Upon entering this game, you will feel at home and ready to have the best live casinos experience of your life. You can win up to 2000 times the initial bet, get 10 free spins, and win up to 10 times the multiplier if you land on the scatter symbol. 

There is just as much opportunity to win big every time you play this game, and it will feel different every time.

Hockey League Slots

The Hockey League Slots game is not new, but it manages to deliver the fun nonetheless. The return to player (RTP) of this game is 94.11%, making it very approachable. It was originally released back in 2015. Featuring a hockey-themed layout, it has five reels and three rows which amounts to 20 paylines.


Some of the key features include bonus spins, wild symbols, multipliers, and retriggered bonus spins. Let’s not forget to mention the MVP feature, where there are extra scatter symbols during the Most Valuable Player bonus round.

Despite the older-looking graphics, Hockey League Slots is really designed to be a classic experience with a minimal learning curve.

Enjoying the Game to its Fullest

Professional sports are often the inspiration behind slot game designers. There’s probably a slot game devoted to the sport or league you enjoy, whether it’s hockey and NHL, basketball and NBA or baseball and MLB. And these hockey-themed slot machines are the perfect way to make your love of the game even deeper. These ice hockey-themed slots games can be found at online and mobile sites, offering a lot more choice to fans who don’t want to play the same thing every time.

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