Getting started with ice-betting

Ice Hockey betting is becoming increasingly popular with punters looking for something different and followers of the sport. The high-adrenaline nature and unpredictability of the sport make it perfect for betting. We all have different ideas about what makes one company better than another. However, we can all agree on what are the ingredients that make a great customer experience.

So what is important in ice hockey betting online? A site should be easy to navigate, have the sport we wish to bet on, and have plenty of different markets to bet on. The site should also offer a reasonable minimum deposit amount that enables you to try out the bookmaker without a large financial commitment. One of the most important factors when assessing a bookmaker is how safe it is to use. Online security is very important, and for this reason, only operators who are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

One of the benefits of ice hockey betting online, rather than at a traditional bookmaker’s shop, is the great range of new customer offers that you can pick up when you open a new account with the company. You can see this the same way as virtual casinos and their special offers for newcomers as no deposit bonuses for free slots online. Competition is fierce in the online sports betting arena, which means that you can benefit by taking advantage of these special deals for new joiners. These promotions come in all shapes and sizes and which one is best for you will depend on how you plan to bet.

As ice hockey betting is not exactly mainstream, you would imagine the bets you can place would be very limited, as is the case with other less common sports such as bandy or field-hockey, which is more popular on these shores than the ice variety of the sport. However, far from having a limited range of events, ice hockey fans will find a surprisingly high number of tournaments covered. Another surprise is the range of different bets you can place on the sport, while this is often restricted to “to win bets” in other sports, there are often over 50 different match events you can place wagers on. 

While ice hockey betting may not be as popular in the UK as in other countries such as Canada and America, the choice of bets for the major games is pretty impressive and almost rivals football for the range of events in a game you can place bets on, like Team to Win Bet, Correct Score Market, Over / Under Betting and more. The different types of bets you can place on ice hockey betting will depend on the importance and prestige of the event. For regional league events, you may only see the Team to Win market. For major tournaments, the situation is different and for some bookmakers, the number of markets offered almost rivals that of football.

Sports betting is no exact science, so it is more than natural for rookies to make mistakes in the beginning. Even reading tons of specialized literature penned by the best experts in the field of sports betting is no guarantee you will succeed with your bets right off the bat. Now, this should by no means dishearten you and put you off from betting on sports. One has to start somewhere, after all.

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