Haywood: Elite League title not far off

Braehead Clan forward Matt Haywood thinks the club’s first ever Elite League title isn’t far away after he agreed to return on a two-year deal.

The 25-year-old is the Clan’s longest serving player and has seen it all since first arriving in Glasgow as a teenager in 2010.

But after sampling the various highs and lows, he believes this season could be the biggest one yet for the Clan.

He said: “We won the Gardiner Conference and really wanted to push for the league title and after speaking with Ryan (Finnerty) and a couple of the guys, we know we want to drive forward.

“The expectation has always been there and the burning desire to succeed. We finished a point behind the season before last and the way we finished last year with the injuries we had was disappointing.

“I don’t think we’re far off that first trophy and hopefully we can go one further. From the shape of the team so far, I don’t see why we can’t really go for it next season.

“It has the potential to be the biggest year in its history and we want to go one step further than winning the Gardiner Conference.”

Haywood’s return has delighted the fans, who have always shown great appreciation for what he’s done for the team down the years.

Therefore, he’s well placed to talk about the growth of the club and working under a coach who he will resume a working relationship with again.

Haywood added: “Having seen it grow first hand, it’s great to be part of a club that’s progressed well.

“We started with around 600 fans and now we’re selling out regularly and selling more season tickets that ever.

“It’s always nice to come back and work with the coach, knowing what he expects and what he does so it’s nice to be one of those guys that can help get the message across to new players.

“It helps gel the team a lot closer and hopefully we can stay injury free, playing in the way we know we can as well as bring in a good groups of guys willing to battle.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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