Hockey themed online casino slots

Ice Hockey is a major sport worldwide, with a fanbase to match it. In the U.S. alone, millions of hockey fans tune into their TVs to watch some of the most physical, rapid, and thrilling action that you are likely to see from any sport.

But not only can the thrills of hockey be seen on the tv set, but many video slot providers have also created exciting hockey-themed titles to branch the sport out to an even wider audience. 

Hockey-themed video slot titles can now be played at many online casinos. It matters which slot sites you play as you should be looking to play with the most reputable casinos that offer the player the best experience with the quality of games, customer service, and bonus offers. We are going to look at 3 Ice Hockey slot titles that have generated a lot of interest, and explain why they are so popular.

Ice Hockey, Playtech

Released back in 2012, this classic video slot was quite advanced for its time. Anytime during the game, you have the choice to choose the teams that would face each other on the reels. There is a choice of Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, and Czech Republic. Symbols from the first team pay left to right on active pay lines, and symbols from the second team will pay from right to left. Royal and wild symbols will pay both ways. For the big money in this title, you should look to land the Ice Hockey symbols, as these scatters can trigger 12 free games. 

The free games present an opportunity to win even bigger payouts because only players from the triggering team will appear on the free game reels. This slot from Playtech is action-packed and is still as fun today as it was a decade ago. With a 10,000x max win up for grabs, the game gives you a shot at life-changing money too!

Hockey Hero, Push Gaming

A more recent Hockey-themed title, and this time from industry favourite, Push Gaming. Hockey Hero is a delightful game, and hockey fans are sure to have some great fun spinning these reels. In addition, this game has not just one, but two bonus rounds. Meaning that the chances of hitting a big are slightly higher than usual. There is a free spin bonus game where only paying symbols appear. There is a hold & win bonus game also, which many gamers will seek out as this bonus is super intense.

Hockey League, Pragmatic Play

This game quickly became popular as it features sharp graphics and thrilling gameplay. It is an even better gaming experience when playing it on the best laptops for gaming. Hockey League has 20 pay lines and plays just like a regular slot during the base game, but if you can trigger the ‘MVP’ bonus round, then the drama will get to ‘slapshot’ levels. Quite incredibly, it is possible to win unlimited free spins here, as well as a character symbol that gets pre-selected at random before the round and will act like a scatter for the duration of the free spins.

The Thrills of Hockey

The bright lights, fast pace, thrilling action, and emphatic wins, makes all of these video slots great, just like what makes a night out at an EIHL game so much. All of these games have been incredibly popular and have helped their providers’ reputation. There is definitely a market for hockey games, but it is also good for the sport as it will get more exposure by featuring as the theme on popular video slots.  

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