How Ice Hockey betting is different from other sports

Connolly scored Steelers' third goal - a penalty shot - in last week's Challenge Cup Final (PHOTO: Dave Williams)

If you are into sports betting, you probably already know that although it is all betting nonetheless, there are many different ways that you can bet on each different sport–some are simple than others, and some are more complex than others. As a bettor, this means one thing for you–as you move from betting on one sport to another, you must familiarize yourself with new ways of wagering, new system in placing your bets and the respective sports season leagues

One sport that you might want to try betting on is ice hockey. Dubbed by many as “the fastest game on Earth,” ice hockey is just as exciting, thrilling, and fun to watch as other more popular sports–not to mention that is also way more fast-paced. Although it is not as popular as football betting or cricket betting in terms of the player count, placing your money on ice hockey can be just as thrilling, just as exciting, and just as rewarding, too. But did you know that betting on ice hockey is, in fact, a little different than betting on other more popular sports? Here are some ways how ice hockey betting sets itself apart from other games.

Money line vs puck line bets

A money line bet is a simplest and most straightforward bet you can make, and almost all sports have the option to make this bet. All you must do is place your money on who you think would win the game and that’s it. Ice hockey has this option, too, and most beginners would usually go for a money line bet during their first few wagers as they get familiar with the more complex types of bets along the way.

On the other hand, ice hockey betting also has an option called the puck line bet. In a way, this is like a run line bet in baseball and is the game’s version of spread betting. In this wager, a handicap of 1.5 points is assigned on an underdog and a favorite. The underdog must lose by 1.5 points or less for you to win the bet, and the favorites must win only by 1.5 points or less for you to win your bet.

The goaltender is a vital role

In a lot of sports, a certain player position and who is playing it can play a vital factor in considering a bet to the point that it can even affect the odds as presented by the bookies. In ice hockey, this is the position of the goaltender–which is considered by many as the most important position in the game.

Another thing that makes monitoring the goalie an interesting thing is a fact that they are given a day to rest, especially after multiple games in a row–which means that someone with a different way of handling the goal would man the post on a different game.

The power plays

Power plays play a huge part in ice hockey. This refers to the situation wherein a team is playing one man short due to being penalized. This puts them at an immediate disadvantage as the opponent is still applying with a full roster. This does not mean that a team that is playing a man less would automatically lose the game. So, ask yourself: how often does the team you are looking at put into a disadvantage due to penalties? How did they react to it, and how did they carry their game even after the handicap? Knowing how to approach this situation with a deductive mind would help you place your money with a better and more strategic decision.

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