Khristich on the attack with Edinburgh

New Edinburgh boss Dmitri Khristich believes it’s too early to set any targets for next season – but he isn’t interested in just making up the numbers in the Elite League.

Khristich has already got a plan in mind over what he’s expecting from his team when they take to the ice in the new campaign.

“I would like to see a physical side, also quick and hard-working and not hold back,” Khristich said. “I want to see guys score lots of goals as well, so we will go with an attacking style.

“Everybody on the ice is going to be involved with attacking and defence, so it has to be a team all the way. You can’t have one guy doing one thing and someone else doing something different.

“It’s too early to say anything about the roster at the moment, but I’ll work with Scott Neil and we’ll talk about what we want for the team and how it’s going to get there.

“It’s good for young players to come in and play with more advanced guys and learn from them. If they’re going to want it, they’ll have to learn a lot to become good players.

“We haven’t set any goals yet so it’s too early to say. We don’t want to just stop at making the play-offs, but it is the very least we want to do.

“We’ll see what we come up with at the start of the season.”

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