Leavitt relishing chance to settle in

Braehead Clan forward Alex Leavitt says he’s looking forward to a more relaxed start to the season when he returns to Glasgow next month.

The 32-year-old was announced last week as one of the latest players to come back for the 2016/17 campaign and he revealed he can’t wait to link up with two of last season’s teammates.

He said: “Last year was pretty crazy with the Champions League. It felt like I was getting off the plane, then within three days we had exhibition games with Sheffield then we were off to Sweden.

“I usually like a couple of weeks to arrive and get settled in. It’s definitely going to be different, that’s for sure and I’m looking forward to getting ready for another Elite League season.

“Looking ahead, it’s always an interesting time because you never know just how the roster is going to shape up as you go and a few of the names that are back are certainly huge for us.

“The two big names that stick out for me are (Matt) Keith and (Scott) Pitt. They’re two really smart hockey players and their return helped push me into coming back as well.

“We still have a few slots open and he tells me there are a few things in the works and I’m looking forward to seeing what signings come up soon.

Leavitt also spoke of his relationship with Ryan Finnerty as both men get ready to work together for a second season.

The Canadian admits he may have taken time in winning his coach round, but he he’s learned a lot from his boss as well.

“Even at the age of 32 you can still learn and add things as you go,” added Leavitt.

“Ryan and I got on really well, but I think at the start it maybe takes a while for a coach to trust a player and I think my style maybe took him a little longer to trust in me.

“He eventually saw the good things I can do out there, and I felt as the season went on I was put in more difficult situations and played more than at the beginning.

“I’m glad we were able to come to an understanding and he also helped me to adapt certain things into my game and I was comfortable with that by the end of the season.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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