Loyal Forshall backs-up Capitals again

Kevin Forshall has agreed another season with Edinburgh Capitals.

The popular netminder, who first signed for the club in 2000, will provide back-up to the club’s new number one goalie Travis Fullerton.

Forshall said: “I wasn’t sure I was going to sign again this season with our daughter due in November.

“That and also taking in to account anti-climax of last season made me wonder if it was time to stop playing.

“I thought I’d draw a line under last season though, take the summer off the ice and put a lot of work in in the gym.

“It looks like the management have worked hard through the summer. The team looks great this year, with some interesting names.

“I don’t think teams should take us lightly this season. We have a lot of names who are used to winning games – that won’t change when they come to the Caps.

“It’s also time to give the Caps fans a winning team for being there for us through the tough times.”

Player Coach Michal Dobron added: “The position of back-up netminder is a big commitment from an individual, but Kevin is a perfect fit for our club.

“He’s great in the dressing room, can step in at any time and has been a loyal servant to the club for years.

“I was glad when he decided to remain with the Caps this season and continue playing.”

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