O’Connor wins community service award

Sheffield Steelers’ Commercial Manager Mike O’Connor has been chosen as the first winner of the Derbyshire Benevolent Trust Community Service Award.

O’Connor was nominated for the award for his outstanding and dedicated service to people within the local community and to the numerous charities whose fund-raising ventures he supports.

Trust spokesman Lee Oldham said: “Mike never hesitates when taking on any challenge. He is very positive, friendly and hard-working, never bowing under pressure and always resolving stressful situations.

“Put simply, he is a nice person to know and have around and is one of those rare people who is attentive to the tiniest of important details.

“Mike epitomises all the good things in the Sheffield Steelers as a club and as a brand and that’s why he is the very worthy recipient of our first Community Service Award.

“I’m delighted to present this award to him on behalf of Derbyshire Benevolent Trust, Vision 2000 Trophies of Chesterfield and all the Sheffield Steelers supporters.

“Mike is someone who has devoted their time helping the local community. He takes care for others, and is someone who is uplifting and makes a difference to the fans and their Steelers experience.”

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