Opportunities to Bet on UK Ice Hockey

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Some people will have discovered betting on UK ice hockey many years ago, when this first began. In recent seasons, the number of bookmakers accepting bets on the sport has grown as well as the number of ways in which you can bet.

This improvement in the service is exactly what is needed, and the Elite League now has similar coverage to other small European leagues.

Here we take a look at what is currently available for those looking to bet on the Elite League, and think about what could happen in the future, if bookmakers began to take UK ice hockey a little more seriously.

Bookmakers that Accept Bets on UK Ice Hockey

The number of bookmakers accepting bets on UK ice hockey has risen considerably over the past three or four years. We have gone from a situation where just two or three bookmakers were involved, to double figures.

There is no shortage of choices out there for those who are looking to fund a bookmaker to use. All the top UK bookmakers can be found online, and as part of their online service, many provide odds for the Elite League games that take place.

The Challenge Cup continues to be neglected by many bookmakers for some reason, but regular Elite League games and the playoffs are all covered well in many different places.

How Strong is the Current Service?

With more bookmakers coming on board, we have certainly seen a rise in the quality of the UK ice hockey betting service that is out there.

This includes better odds, more betting markets and even a little bit of in play betting, although this is minimal and with little consistency so not something you can rely on just yet.

The big advancement with more bookmakers coming on board is that no one has a monopoly over the service. This means everyone is competing against each other, trying to offer the best odds and most betting markets.

Bookmakers are pushing each other in this by competing for your business, which is making the overall service better than it has ever been before.

Anyone who places bets on a sport already will know how important it is to have choice when it comes to betting markets.

A few years ago, UK ice hockey gamblers didn’t have that, but they certainly do now.

What Could we See in the Future?

The hope is that the service we currently have continues to grow in the future so we can enjoy even more. This includes more bookmakers taking bets, even more betting markets and further advancements.

In terms of betting markets, one area lacking is any kind of goalscorer betting.

We would all love to bet on our favourite player to score a goal at anytime, the first goal, or maybe even a hat trick.  Sam Herr was the top points scorer in the season that has just ended, he would be one of many popular players in this market if returning to the league next season.

Consistent in play betting would be better too, allowing fans the chance to bet while they are at the game watching the action.

Could Bookmaker Sponsorship Ever Come into the League?

This is certainly a possibility, although it is probably fair to say that the Elite League is well down on the list of bookmaker priorities.

The league has long hoped to secure a big-names sponsor that would add stability but they have always failed to bring someone in.

Having said that, if more people bet on the sport and bookmakers see the interest, it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to see a dasher board at one or two rinks around the country with a bookmaker’s name on it.

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