Paquet surprised at skill level in Britain

Fife Flyers’ ‘D’ man Philippe Paquet says he was surprised by the pace of the Elite League during his debut season in Britain.

Paquet iced in all 66 games for Flyers last year, scoring four goals with 25 assists, and recently agreed a second year with the Kirkcaldy club.

However, he admits it took him a while to adjust to the British game.

“Coming in the EIHL I knew there were many good players but I didn’t expect such a high skill level throughout the league,” said Paquet.

“Over the past seasons playing in Scandinavia I’d become used to a slower paced game with much less physicality.

“The pace of the game in the UK is similar to North America but on a big sheet of ice.

“All of these factors will make for an adjustment period especially for players coming from other European leagues.

“I felt comfortable living in Kirkcaldy and playing hockey in front of such good fans.

“The professionalism of the organisation as a whole was also a deciding factor.”

(Image permission: Fife Flyers)

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