Play Online Slots for Higher Stakes Than £2 Per Spin

All slot machine players are of course going to have their own unique way of playing slot machines, wherever they choose to play them, and will also have their own gambling budgets and bankrolls too.

Some players will much prefer low rolling when they play slot machines for example online, and with many online casinos offering slot games that can be played for just pennies per spin, a player isn’t going to have any difficulties finding such a site at which they can pay for some very tiny and modest stake amounts.

However, many players do enjoy playing for much higher stake levels, but soon, due to some proposed changes that the UK Gambling Commission may just act upon, UK based online slot players may just find that they are going to be limited to playing slot machines online for a stake level of no more than £2 per spin.

The reason for those new maximum slot game stake limits, is to bring them in line with land based slot machine operators rules and regulations, as when playing slots in for example an amusement arcade, pub, club or even in a betting shop via a FOBT players cannot now wager for more than £2 per spin.

Play for Your Own Chosen Stake Level

If the UK Gambling Commission does choose to adopt a new maximum stake per spin limit and forces their license holders to bring those new maximum stake limits into place online, then there are still going to be options available to high rolling slot machine players, as to where they can play for much higher stake levels.

In fact, as any UK based slot player is able to legally sign up to any online casino site based in other countries of the world, that is all that they are going to have to do in their quest to play online slot machines for some much higher stake amounts.

You may be a tad wary about playing at casino sites that are not holders of a UK Gambling Commission issued license, but as long as you make a point of finding a casino site that does hold a valid gambling license in another country of the world, and one that doesn’t impose ridiculously low maximum stake limits on players, then you are unlike to run into any problems playing at those sites.

Do Not be Forced to Sign Up to Gamstop

You may find that if you are a regular gambler and do enjoy playing at online or mobile gambling sites, that someone may contact you from the sites or apps you are using and say that they are worried about the amount of time you are gambling and the amount of cash you are wagering too.

Licensed and regulated gambling site operators are legally required to ensure that they have systems in place to spot anybody with a gambling problem, and as such that is something they are going to be required to do.

If you do get contacted by a member of staff from any gambling sites or apps you gamble at or on regularly and they feel you are displaying the signs of having a gambling related problem, they may advise you to give you to give up your gambling activities, and may suggest you sign up to the service offered by Gamstop.

By doing so your name is then going to be added to a database that all UK licensed and regulated gambling site and app operators has access to, and they are required to ban anyone of their customers that is found to be on that database, or close any new accounts those people try and open at their sites or apps.

Non Gamstop Gambling Sites

For those of you that can afford to, and do quite enjoy playing slot machines for high stakes, and those of you that want to have access to casino styled games that offer higher staking options, you will simply need to sign up to a non Gamstop casino site.

There are plenty of them to pick and choose from, and as long as you stick to playing at those sites that offer fair and random games, and never pull any stunts when it comes to you being able to cash out your winnings in full and in a timely fashion you will have plenty of fun playing at those casinos. Check this guide to find the latest best online slots.

Keep in mind too, that some casinos are famed for their generous loyalty and comp club schemes too, and as such it should always be those that do offer their players more by way of additional extras that you should be actively making a beeline to play at, to lock in the very best gaming value, no matter what casino games that you enjoy playing the most.

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