Risk pays off for Finnerty as Clan bounce back

Braehead Clan boss Ryan Finnerty admits splitting up Matt Beca and Scott Pitt (above) was risky – but was pleased to see it pay off.

Clan started the weekend with a disappointing 6-4 defeat at home to Dundee Stars, but bounced back in the reverse fixture to win 6-3.

Finnerty says the decision to adjust his team’s lines wasn’t an easy one to make.

“We took a risk splitting up Matt and Scott who have carried the bulk of our offense and I did it to get some of the other guys going,” he said.

“All three lines looked good and I was especially pleased with Beca’s line with Matt Keith. Pitt’s line with Alex Leavitt also showed some good stuff.

“Hopefully that continues and we can get some secondary scoring from that. We also made adjustments on our special teams and powerplay and it looked incredible, getting three from four.

“The guys played well as the game went on, although I think Dundee may have tired a bit. We seem to have their number in Dundee and they have ours in Glasgow, so it’s funny how that works out.

“We’re still top of the Conference, but we’re tired of win one, lose one and want to go on a run. Everybody’s disappointed and frustrated with it.

“Overall I’m still disappointed by Saturday, but the guys responded well from that and we feel we’re confident going into the Challenge Cup game with Nottingham later this week.

“We know they’ve won that trophy more than anybody so Corey (Neilson) will have his guys ready. We owe our fans a much deserved good performance at home.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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