Rosehill eyeing repeat performance against Storm

Braehead forward Jay Rosehill believes last week’s 5-2 victory over Manchester Storm will be fresh in their memory when the Clan return there on Saturday.

Rosehill says the players made sure they were mentally tuned to the job at hand after their brief break as they claimed the win over Omar Pacha’s team.

“We’re back on the road again and I think it will feel familiar going to Manchester on Saturday, so if we can replicate that whole day basically, hopefully we can find it again,” he said.

“Manchester are always tough and we try to dictate what we do out there and not worry about what they do. When you beat a team as soon as we did last week, they’re going to remember that.

“They’ll want to clean up the mistakes they made, but we’re by no means thinking we’re going there for an easy game. It wasn’t last time and we have to bring our best game again.

“When you take time off your mind can go any way, so we made sure when we came back together we were focused on what we had to do.

“I think we came out pretty solid and we won the first game. At the end of the day, we’re professionals and had to go out and do a job.”

Rosehill believes that despite winning one and losing one last weekend, the Clan are starting to find their feet as performances improve.

“We’re putting together a lot better games and we’re finding our identity. We still, to be honest, show flashes of two different teams sometimes.

“We’ll come at the opposition in waves and that’s the team we want to be. The times where we’re not finding that is when we make mistakes.

“So if can continue on the trend we’re on, but bring it quicker and find that solid, we’re going to win a lot of games so we have to stay on that.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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