Rosehill ready for Flyers test

Braehead Clan forward Jay Rosehill says he’s pumped for Sunday’s game against Fife Flyers after hearing all about the rivalry with the Kirkcaldy side.

The former NHL star has surprised many people with the news that he will ice after needing 30 stitches and suffering a broken palate after taking a puck to the face against Belfast Giants last week.

“It’a big game and it’s important to get this first cup game and get some traction,” said Rosehill. “I’m looking forward to Sunday and it’s a big reason why I want to be ready to play.

“They’re a team that’s not far away and I’ve never been part of the history between the teams, but I don’t think it will take me long to understand that they’re a team we don’t like in a building.

“We’re going to be extra ready to make sure we beat them and it makes it even sweeter to beat the rivalry teams.

“As far being surprised at whether I’m playing so soon, yes and no. If I get the the right protection, I think I’ll be fine.

“If it was a hand or a foot or something that limited my play, then that may have been different, but as I don’t need to use my face or my mouth, it’s not so bad and I want to play with my line mates.

“The week’s gone a lot better as it’s gone on, certainly better than it did at the start and after seeing doctors and dentists and getting things taken care of.

“Once the swelling went down, it got a lot better and I got back on the ice, had a good practice in the last couple of days.

“Now I have to decide what sort of protection I’m going to wear for the game then get comfortable with it before being ready for the game on Sunday.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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