Scholes blasts EPL owners’ “lack of vision”

Wayne Scholes has hit out at EPL team owners over what he believes to be a “lack of vision” for the league’s future.

The former Telford Tigers chief came into the British game with a vision to change its landscape, but now claims his plans were thwarted by rival organisations at every turn.

Scholes’ comments come at the end of a week that has seen the Tigers excluded from the play-offs due to their financial issues earlier this season.

Despite the sanctions not being agreed by the EIHA Director responsible as per the rules of competition, the owners of eight EPL teams announced that the Tigers and Manchester Phoenix would be banned from the end-of-season showdown.

With those clubs also refusing to take part in next week’s IHUK meeting to discuss a revised second tier, Scholes says the decisions mirror many of the obstacles he faced during his time as the Tigers’ owner.

“The bullying, the backroom deals, the lack of vision for the league – not for a lack of Ken Taggart wanting that – the power that PI/SB have – it was always going to be their way or no way,” said Scholes.

“My vision wasn’t different from the fans really. I wanted a fan board to meet with team owners and the league, a league commissioner who was completely independent, one league body for the UK for professionals and one for the development of hockey.

“I wanted team owners to have little to no say in the running of the league, but have a seat or two on the board of the league that rotated quarterly.

“I wanted collaboration between clubs in best practices, collaborative marketing so that national deals could be found, a union for players and I wanted less games.

“I was rejected on all fronts. It was 100% the other team owners. It was insane.”

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