Sisca excited by Flyers switch

Matt Sisca says playing for Manchester Storm against Fife Flyers last season helped convince him to join the Kirkcaldy club this summer.

Sisca enjoyed an excellent debut year in the Elite League, finishing as the second highest points and goalscorer, but he admits he found visits to Fife Ice Arena were amongst the toughest road games on the calendar.

“Not only do you hear the fans cheering before you even step on the ice, but you see how much support the home fans give to their home team, and as soon as there is a puck on the oppositions stick, the boos and the ‘chirps’ start flying in,” said Sisca.

“Also with Fife’s structure last year, always in your face, not letting you have time with the puck, I knew how frustrating it was, so I’m happy I’ll be the one in the Flyers jersey this year.

“Signing for the Flyers has already been amazing, just to see how much support I’m getting from the fans and the club’s ownership.

“Fife is a hockey club with a lot of support, and you could tell that being an away team coming into the rink and hearing the loud cheers and the feet stomps when you are in the dressing room.

“It’s a team with a lot of history and I’m excited to join that.

“There were a number of reason why I joined the Flyers. Talking with the head coach Todd (Dutiaume) and hearing all the right things he was saying about the upcoming year – he wants to win and that’s my main concern.

“Also seeing last year coming as an opposition team seeing the crowd being sold out the four times we were there and hearing how loud they are really made me want to play in front of a crowd like that.

“There are many more reasons I wanted to be a Flyer, but I’m just really happy I’m signed and we can get the show on the road at the end of August.”

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