Stars sign Koenig as Lokosil departs

Dundee Stars’ boss Marc LeFebvre has added veteran goalie Trevor Koenig to the team’s roster after Vlastimil Lakosil returned to the Czech Republic for personal reasons.

Koenig previously played in the Elite League from 2005 to 2008 for Newcastle Vipers and Coventry Blaze and spent the last two seasons in Denmark with Herlev Eagles.

LeFebvre said: “A couple of weeks back Vlastimil came to speak to me about business he needed to deal with back home.

Vlastimil went about the process impeccably. He has certainly been very professional in the way he has dealt with the situation.

“He offered to play until we got a replacement, putting the locker room and the fans first. I am certainly grateful for his body of work and the upbeat spirit that he brought to the rink. We wish him all the best in the future.

“We had a choice of goalies to bring in, however when Trevor’s name came up we considered him the ideal replacement.

“Trevor will bring a presence and Elite League experience to the locker room. He knows the league and we expect him to quickly adapt to life at the Dundee Ice Arena.”

Stars’ Director Michael Ward added: “I would like to thank Vlastimil for his contribution. He was a great guy to have around the place.

“His personal circumstances had to come first and as an organisation we feel it is only fair that we respect that and release him out of his contract. I would like to thank Vlastimil for his significant contribution.

“We are delighted to sign Trevor. He is an experienced goalie who knows the league and can slot in right away and at this time of the season this is what we need. We believe he will be a great fit on and off the ice.

“With just over 20 games to go we are very comfortable with the expected workload that Trevor will face. For most goalies it starts getting harder at this time of year after playing so many games. We believe Trevor will be a big asset during the run-in.”

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