Steeldogs welcome Hirst back for another year

Andrew Hirst has agreed another season with Sheffield Steeldogs.

The 23-year-old forward enjoyed a productive time in the EPL last season, scoring 19 goals with 26 assists in 56 games.

Steeldogs’ boss Greg Wood said: “Hirsty is still one of the young players but he brings a wealth of experience – just look at how many appearances he’s made.

“Andrew had a couple of offers to leave this summer but has shown tremendous loyalty to Sheffield, but not just Sheffield but to me as a coach.

“He is one of those players who can put 20–25 goals up easily – there aren’t that many British players who can do that.”

Hirst added: “It feels like I’ve been here forever. I enjoy it and wouldn’t want to play anywhere else – it’s looking good for next season.

“It’s probably going to be the most free-flowing team we’ve ever had and in a league that’s the hardest it’s ever been.

“We’re going to be an entertaining team to watch – a fast skating team and able to score plenty of goals.

“I want the team to do well and improve my own game. I want to develop the way I play at both ends of the ice and maybe see if I can a few more powerplay goals, but as long as the team does well I’ll be happy.”

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