Technology revolutionising ice hockey

Ice hockey keeps on getting more and more popular by the day. The fans love it because it is not your ordinary sport, but a roller coaster game, with twists and turns having warriors for players. This fact has been cemented by the advancing technology which continues to affect the way the game is played. This technological evolution, has attracted more attention from fans and made the game even more interesting to watch. The advancement in technology angle has led to the creation of apps such as the 7sultans app. Some of the improvements in our beautiful game as also led to the following;



Looking at the protective gear that hockey players don today, you will be excused to think they might be on a mission to outer space. This NASA-like equipment leaves nothing to chance as far as the player’s well-being is concerned. From the helmets to the shoulder pads, they all make sure that a player can run into an oncoming van and still come out unscathed.



The skates used in today’s hockey games are out of the ordinary. There is an improvement in almost every aspect, from speed to repelling water. They are strong enough to stop a bullet and take just two ice sessions to break in entirely. The steel on the blade snaps in and out allowing players to swap out a loose edge during game breaks.



The improvement in the quality of the hockey stick has been quite impressive in recent years. The current carbon-graphite sticks in use are responsive, explosive and depending on the player preference, can be made softer to increase the feel.


iPads for pre-shootout scouting

iPads are starting to be introduced on benches due to the more programs to assist diagram plays with every passing month. It is a good reminder for goaltenders of the preferences of each shooter before they get into shootouts.


In-game adjustments

Aerial video is being harnessed to tag game moments that are reviewed at intermission. This implies that the coach can change strategy for his players on the fly. Mistakes and weak points can easily be picked out by the opposing coach who will come up with a plan to make the most of them.


The future

Thanks to technology, the future of ice hockey is promising and exciting at the same time. Refereeing will not be a set of eyes alone but reinforcement by video surveillance at different angles to help get the right calls. The league is experimenting with its own football equivalent goal-line technologyby setting cameras in the posts that would allow for definitive calls to be made if the puck crosses the line. The alternative is to install a chip in the puck for the same reasons.


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