Sheffield Steelers produced some heroics on Wednesday night when they came from 4-3 down in the final seconds against Coventry Blaze to win 5-4 in overtime.

In the context of their season, it was arguably their biggest result so far in terms of the manner of how it was achieved.

Since Paul Thompson left, his replacement, Tom Barrasso has started to make his mark on a team that have struggled since the season began.

So, with that success, which was live on FreeSports fresh in the minds, we decided to put the word out and ask if the Steelers, coached by Tom Barrasso, were turning a corner.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

While there was lots of positivity on Twitter, Facebook wasn’t quite as bright and sunny when it came to Steelers’ current situation:

Rachael Howard:
We’ve never been in the title hunt this season. Definitely turning a corner with Barasso, but there’s a lot of work still to be done. Defence is weak, so O’Connor is a help, but he can’t do everything on his own. We need a sniper of a goal scorer as well. Might end up with a decent playoff campaign and make final 4, but there’ll be no silverware heading to Sheffield this season.

Adam Yates:
Halfway around the corner, Tom is the man but not for a title hunt, Ben is one missing piece, still need 2 others.

Chris Harding:
They are getting better but are not there yet.
Defence is still a massive issue.
Whistle is a cracking Netty but can be inconsistent. He’s constantly hung out to dry by the defence.

Ian Willoughby:
Turned a corner? Without doubt
Title hunt? Not this season
Missing piece? Quite possibly

Lee Beaumont:
No, Definitely No and highly unlikely

Meanwhile, Adam wasn’t convinced by the whole debate…

Thanks to everyone who took part. We’ll have another debate for you very soon.

PHOTO: Dean Woolley