Things you need to know about new NHL season

The new NHL season got underway in the middle of January and of course there are a few difference this year. The epidemic has certainly affected a lot of things. From entertainment to media and retail, it seems that most industries had to adapt to avoid stagnation in the past year. A couple of rules also had to change for big sports events. Being a colossal NHL fan that you are, you’re here to find out news about the new hockey season, right?

Significantly Shorter Schedule This NHL Season

We’re expecting a much shorter schedule this season, and once again, we have Covid to blame for it. Instead of 82, the 2021 NHL season will feature only 56 games. A lot of true hockey fans weren’t delighted to hear something like this. 

The first announcement stating that the 2020-2021 NHL season will start late wasn’t accepted very well. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about either rule. We can, however, be responsible citizens and adhere to these rules as a precaution.

Since the season started, the NHL has had to postpone 35 games. More than half of those games are yet to be rescheduled. To be precise, according to the information from ESPN, 17 games are still without a starting date. Naturally, preparing for future games without a definite date in mind can be quite demoralizing for both players and fans.

Winter Classic and All-Star Weekend Canceled

As we already know, both Winter Classic and All-Star Weekend weren’t held this season. According to NHL chief content officer Steve Mayer, this resulted from ongoing uncertainty caused by the health crisis that we’re facing. 

Both big events were supposed to go on in January. Knowing that they would amass vast numbers of fans, they had to cancel them for 2021. The initial idea was to postpone them, but NHL Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer stated that they had to cancel them for the entire season. 

He also mentioned that the reason was the evident uncertainty caused by the epidemic aftermath. Anyone who planned on making big money betting on a hockey game this year probably finds this information quite disheartening. Fortunately for them, there is an alternative that’s not tied to any sporting event. There’s an abundance of new online casinos UK friendly emerging, so you might try your luck there instead.

New Training Regulation Affects Player Discipline 

According to different sources, the fans aren’t the only ones disappointed with the new rules. A lot of NHL players are struggling to maintain discipline when it comes to training. Not knowing the exact date for a game puts them in an odd situation, as they struggle to stay motivated. 

Another thing that makes things a lot more complicated is the protocol when it comes to training itself. Apparently, it’s required to fill out a 19-page long document to participate in one training session. This document takes into account social distancing rules and other regulations, all in order of increasing health measures. 

The Show Must Go On

No matter how eager the fans may be to watch future games, or players skating on the ice, safety comes first. We must all adhere to new regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and minimize casualties. The good news is that the show will go on. After numerous changes in the schedule and management, we’ll still have the 2021 NHL season. So all we have to do is sit tight and wait for the announcement of starting dates for the remaining games in the season.

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