Top 10 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

Sports betting is no exact science so it is more than natural for rookies to make mistakes in the beginning. Even reading tons of specialized literature penned by the best experts in the field of sports betting is no guarantee you will succeed with your bets right off the bat. Now, this should by no means dishearten you and put you off from betting on sports. One has to start somewhere, after all, so why not do it by reading these 10 tips on boosting your chances of becoming a winning sports bettor?


Set Up a Small Bankroll


It may sound as if we are stating an obvious fact but this sentence, in particular, bears repeating. “Never wager money you cannot afford to lose”. Even more so if this is your first time making a punt on a sporting event. The first thing a rookie punter should do is build a small bankroll, which is to say you should put some money aside to use for the purpose of betting and betting only. It matters not how small said amount is, the bottom line is you should never use rent or electricity bill money to fund your sports betting.


Compare the Odds Different Bookies Offer


There are many top rated betting sites out there, especially if you wager on the web where online sportsbooks are available in the hundreds. Do not place your bet with the first bookie you come across as they may not offer the optimal odds for that particular punt. After all, we are living in the 21st century and you have infinite possibilities when it comes to shopping the lines online. Take your time and compare the odds offered by different sportsbooks to find the one that gives you the highest value for your money.


Don’t Back Teams on the Basis of Personal Sympathy


A common mistake made by rookie sports bettors is to wager their money on a team for the nonsensical reason said team is their favorite, regardless of what odds the bookie has posted. If you want to be a winner, you should forget all about sympathies. Why lose your hard-earned money if your favorite team is the obvious long shot?


Avoid Betting the Long Odds


This is somewhat of an extension of the previous tip. Lured by the promise of tasty wins, some beginner bettors would come up with the particularly “bright” idea of backing the side with the abnormally high odds. What such bettors tend to forget is that high odds automatically translate into a very low probability of that team winning. It may be tempting to back Croatia to win the 2018 World Cup at odds of 200/1 but let’s be realistic for a moment here.


Bet on the In-Play Markets


The in-play markets are the ideal starting point for any rookie punter for the simple reason one gets to watch the event they are interested in in real time and observe how the odds change. As wagers are accepted throughout the course of the event, you can wait out, see how things are going, and place your bet at the right moment. This would improve your chances of making a correct prediction.


Steer Clear of the Advanced Bets


If you are a rookie, it would be best for you to stick to the more straightforward types of wagers. You can start by mastering the Match Odd bet where you simply need to predict who is going to prevail at the end of the clash, having a choice from the following three options – home win, away win, and a draw. You can forget all about parlays at this point. The chances of a rookie winning with those are almost non-existent.


Never Chase Your Losses


If there is one road to ruin for an aspiring sports bettor, it would be chasing their losses. Putting a stop to your wagering is quite difficult sometimes, especially when you have suffered a devastating bad beat. However, the surest way for you to lose more money would be to continue betting in desperate attempts to win back whatever you have lost. Know when to walk away!


Take Part in Free Bet Promotions


One very effective way to build a bankroll if you are a beginner would be to bet on the web and take advantage of the free-bet bonuses most online bookies offer. You can start by claiming the sportsbook’s sign-up bonus but there are numerous ongoing offers you can opt in for. These can potentially help you boost your starting betting capital or at least get back some of the money you have lost.


Avoid Alcohol Consumption


Sporting events bring people together. Fact. Another fact is that one such get-together may involve the consumption of large quantities of alcohol. If your intentions are to bet on a live market while watching the event at home in the company of your friends and family, let them do the drinking. You need a clear head to make a good bet.


Don’t Be Discouraged


It is easy to get discouraged when things do not go well with your punts, especially if you are just wading into the fascinating world of sports betting. Do not give up the first time things fail to go your way. They will in time, but only if you persist and build up experience and sports betting knowledge. Most importantly, remember to keep it fun!

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