Twitter Talk: Fans slam Steelers’ streaming and travel decision

Sheffield Steelers’ decision to stop its Supporters Club from selling away travel in Sheffield Arena and confirmation it will only broadcast selected games on its live streaming service has been slammed by fans across the country.

Our latest Twitter Talk feature looks at the reaction to the statement published on the club’s website:

(Image permission: Dean Woolley)

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  1. Thankyou for posting on social media what the club at this stage doesn’t appear to have the guts to.

    As a steelers fan who now lives down south due to work I am disgusted by the loss of regular webcasting, and as a long term supporter I cannot believe the request to the supporters club not to sell away tickets and travel

    I plan to write a letter to a local Sheffield paper in the hope it will he printed, happy to send you a copy of it too.


    A long term but very disgruntled steeler fan

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