Twitter Talk: Scottish teams making a stand?

The news that three Scottish teams are considering their future in the Elite League has sparked plenty of debate across the sport.

As reported by Fife Today, Dundee Stars, Fife Flyers and Edinburgh Capitals have serious concerns over proposed changes to the running of the league and the conference structure.

Dundee and Fife both issued statements on their official websites saying they would release an update on their plans after the EIHL board meeting at the end of this month.

Our latest Twitter Talk feature looks at the reaction to news:

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  1. Think the signal is going out that the Elite League actually needs to consider the future of the game not just at the highest level, but how it will function at the various levels below, rather than simply consider the needs of the teams in the top structure, and leave the rest to look after themselves-is that what we really want, an upper level of maybe 10 teams, mostly (if we’re lucky) made up of players not eligible to play for GB? Let’s not kid ourselves that the Elite League is about the future of British Ice Hockey, it’s about the future of the teams participating in it, and as for the other teams at the other levels, well boys, you’re on your own! There may be around 10/12 teams wanting to participate in the sport at Elite League level, but there’s a helluva lot more who don’t, and their needs are every bit as important!

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