Twitter Talk: Simms homophobia row rumbles on

Sheffield Steelers and the Elite League are facing increasing pressure over their failure to effectively deal with David Simms’ actions last Saturday.

Simms was working as rink announcer at Steelers’ home game against Coventry Blaze when he tried to make a joke as two men were filmed on the “kiss-cam” being shown around the Arena’s in-house TV service.

As the camera panned across the crowd, two men kissed each other on screen and Simms said: “That’s disgusting – security, get rid of them.”

Fans took to social media to blast the comments, insisting they were homophobic. Simms initially tried to defend himself, but eventually issued an apology on Twitter.

This was followed by a statement on the Steelers’ official website, but Simms, the club and the league are still under fire for attempting to sweep the issue under the carpet.

We take a look at the reaction on Twitter from the past few days:

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