Ulmer wants silverware before retiring

Braehead Clan forward Jeff Ulmer may have a few more miles on the clock than a good majority of players in the Elite League, but that hasn’t stopped him targeting silverware before he retires.

The 39-year-old has avoided injury for more than a decade and says while his body is in great shape he’ll keep going.

“It’s been 13 seasons, knock on wood, that I haven’t missed a game through injury – most of that is down to working out for lifestyle rather than hockey,” said Ulmer.

“I also try to eat right and do things the right way. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a beer or two with the guys and I pride myself in being able to play at a top level and that I haven’t lost a step.

“Skating is still a strong point for me. People ask me constantly if or when I’m going to stop, but as long as I don’t feel any aches and pains, I’ll keep going.

“Other than suspensions I’ve never missed a game and I hope to add a championship or two before I’m done.”

The Canadian and his wife, Robyn, are already in Scotland ahead of the birth of their first child, due in early September.

But he admits the driving in Britain gave him an early challenge, however he’s now getting the hang of the roads.

“I did better with driving the second time rather than the first,” added Ulmer. “It’s the roundabouts that are getting me at the moment, but we’re getting better with it.

“It wasn’t due to driving on the left side of the road, it’s the car I’m driving until I’m able to get the car I’m going to get for the season.

“We had to come early though. Our first baby is due on 5th September, so my wife and I had to come over, get ourselves settled, find a doctor and get sorted otherwise I wouldn’t make it over.

“We decided to travel early because I didn’t want to miss camp or any of the early games. We wanted to be ready first then concentrate on getting ready for the arrival of our daughter.”

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