Watkins plays down title talk

Telford Tigers’ boss Tom Watkins refused to get carried away despite seeing his team extend their lead at the top of the EPL to seven points over the weekend.

The Tigers won 3-2 after overtime at MK Lightning on Saturday and added an 8-3 home success against Swindon Wildcats the following day, but Watkins says the title race is far from over.

“I think every point is huge now and even though people say it’s a four-point game against Milton Keynes, it’s two points.

“There’s still about twenty games to go, so that’s a long time left in the season.

“In three-on-three during overtime (on Saturday) I thought we were excellent. We managed the puck really well and were really smart in doing that.

“It was a good game on Sunday and had a little bit of everything. It was also nice to see the boys stick up for themselves.

“We had a really solid third period and took our chances well, but I think we were a little bit unlucky in the second period.

“We had a couple of really good chances and goalmouth scrambles in that period, but the puck just wouldn’t cross the line.”

(Image permission: Tony Sargent)

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