Watkins to make changes

Telford Tigers’ Head Coach Tom Watkins is set to make changes after his side conceded 14 goals in just two games.

Sunday night’s 7-2 loss at home to Guildford Flames followed a 7-0 defeat to Basingstoke Bison the day before.

Those defeats mean Telford share seventh place in the EPL with Sheffield Steeldogs, following a previous run of five wins in six games.

Watkins, whose team again out-shot their opponents, is now likely to turn his attention to the transfer market.

He said: “We created chances, but we’re not taking enough advantage of them. There are areas in this team that are putting pressure on us and putting pressure on me.

“We’ve got to start looking at making some changes right now. What they are I don’t know yet, but as a team and a club we’re not happy with where we are.”

“I’m really disappointed and I said the same thing to the players. To concede 14 goals and score just two, while letting the other teams get at us, was disappointing.”

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