What does fourfold mean in ice hockey betting?

What is fourfold betting? An accumulator bet going by the name four-fold is the one that  consists of four different selections. In fourfold, the odds of all chosen events are multiplied to get the total odds of the fourfold acca. Sometimes with a little stake, you can cash out big!

The fourfold selection is always a combination of four single bets. If it is five bets, it’s referred to as five-fold, and if it’s six, then it’s called six-fold. Only four selections each time, remember. Bettors that are familiar with accumulators know that it isn’t easy to win a fourfold wager because one even wrong move will make you lose the total stake. You can’t afford to make such a mistake, which is why you must be careful with choosing your different selections. 

This bet is available for all sports in betting like football, basketball, ice hockey, horse racing, tennis and others. For example, on the Takebet prediction website one can find free ice hockey betting tips, in which 4-fold accumulators are sometimes included. Another important thing to note is that fourfold is not exclusive to only one betting market. For this accumulator, one can choose a bet from Asian handicap lines, overs/unders, 1×2, correct score and many more.

Below, you will find a good example of the fourfold betting.

Let’s say you bet on four different ice hockey teams in separate matches of the NHL: the Boston Bruins to win, the Colorado Avalanche to win, the Tampa Bay Lightning to win and over 3.5 goals, and the Florida Panthers to win or draw. The odds are as follows:

  • Boston Bruins to win odds at 2.00
  • Colorado Avalanche to win –odds at 1.50
  • Tampa Bay Lightning to win and over 3.5 goals odds at 1.80
  • Florida Panthers to win or draw odds at 1.50

The initial stake will be $10. So how much money can you possibly win? For this, you must firstly multiply the odds by one another: 2.00 x 1.50 x 1.80 x 1.50 = 8.10. Then, you multiply the sum of your stake by the total odds: $10 x 8.10 = $81! So, this is your incoming payout! Mind that this amount includes your initial stake, so the clear profit will be: $81 – $10 = $71.

What are the sports that involve fourfold bets?

Fourfold bets cut across so many types of sports, be it football, basketball, horse racing, tennis, American football, ice hockey and more. The sport in which this is very common is horse racing, where different events come up one after the other. Bettors try to make money off this by combining the bets. For other sports, you can have it with different betting markets that are available like ice hockey betting predictions and more. It is available when multiple games or events are coming up together around the same time.

Below is the list of some sports tournaments that involve 4 fold bets:

    • UEFA Champions League
    • UEFA Europa League
    • English Premier League
    • Spanish La Liga Primera Division
    • German Bundesliga
    • Italian Serie A
    • French Ligue 1
    • FIFA World Cup
    • UEFA Euro
    • Australian Open
    • French Open
    • Wimbledon
    • US Open
    • ATP Masters 1000
    • WTA 1000 (Premier)
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • NBA

Top points to consider when doing fourfold bets

Before staking on any of the combination bets, below are important points to note:

  • First of all, analyze the single bets before combining them. This entails picking them out one by one and making sure the predictions made are correct. It isn’t good enough if you have no idea about your bets simply because you got them from a trusted betting site. There might be errors or mistakes that need correction.
  • Check through the bookmakers available for the one with the best betting odds. There are popular bookmarkers like William Hill, Bet365, 1xbet, Betway and others. The odds across them are not the same, some have high odds, while others are low. The higher the odds, the higher the returns.
  • Betting on the favourites is another point to consider. Being favourites means the game or event is expected to go your way. Stronger teams are usually the ones in this category and most times they win, except in rare cases. Using this method in a way guarantees win.
  • Avoid being greedy. If a bet doesn’t go your way and you lose, it’s advisable to chill first, go back and analyze the predictions again. Don’t just rush and make a rebet again. Being greedy will make you lose more money than you’ll make.
  • Don’t be wary of 4 fold bets. Truly, it is a betting option that comes with a risk but at the same time, the pay is high. As a punter, what you want to do is make more money from bets. You should be ready for the risks that come with it. 

Do’s and don’ts when doing a fourfold bet

Make sure the single bets are accurate and there is no mistake when staking on them. It’s important because a wrong choice will make you lose money. Never rush to make a bet, always take enough time to review the tips and predictions. When wagering on strong favourites, it’s advisable to check out the betting site that has the best odds. This is because the odds are usually low for good teams, getting the highest of the same range will help you cash out high. Don’t be too greedy under any circumstance, because in the long run, you’ll lose money.


In conclusion, one must know that there are different forms of combined bets one can try:

  • Trixie bets (3 selections, which are made up of four bets each),
  • Yankee bets (4 selections, which are made up of 11 bets each),
  • Canadian or Super Yankee bets (5 selections, which are made up of 26 bets each),
  • Heinz (6 selections, which is made up of 57 bets each),
  • Super Heinz (7 Selections, which are made up of 120 bets),
  • Goliath (8 selections, which is made up of 247 bets).

So don’t limit your sports betting with fourfolds only and explore what is out there!

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