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A Beginner’s Guide To The Elite Ice Hockey League

The Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) is the premier league for ice hockey in the UK and Ireland.

Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena is the centre of attention ahead of the 2021-22 Playoff Finals Weekend (Image: Elite League)

The Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) is the premier league for ice hockey in the UK and Ireland. As a predominantly indoor sport, ice hockey may not be on everyone’s radar. But with the official top-level league offering high-speed, high-intensity games all season long and some of the best athletes in the world performing almost nightly, it’s a spectacle worth catching. The Elite Ice Hockey League is one of the most exciting and competitive professional sports organisations in Europe. With that in mind, if you’ve not got the opportunity to catch an EIHL game live or on TV, don’t worry; we have you covered. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through everything you need to know about the Elite Ice Hockey League.

When Did The Elite Ice Hockey League Start?

The Elite Ice Hockey League was created back in 2003. Following the breakdown of the Ice Hockey Superleague, which ran from 1996 until 2003, the EIHL saw teams from across the UK and Ireland come together to form one league. The first game was played on 12th September 2003 in the Alexandra Palace, which saw the Sheffield Steelers beat the London Racers six to one. The Sheffield Steelers later went on to become the league champions.

Important Dates In The EIHL

If you’re new to the Elite Ice Hockey League, you’re probably wondering what the important dates in the current season are.

  • Season Starts: 9th September 2022
  • Regular Season Ends: 2nd April 2023
  • Playoff Quarter-Finals: 8th – 9th April 2023
  • Playoff Finals Weekend: 15th – 16th April 2023

Best Clubs In The League

There have been plenty of clubs that have had success in the Elite Ice Hockey League. The Belfast Giants, Sheffield Steelers, and Nottingham Panthers are just a few of the clubs that have dominated the league. If you want to know who the top five clubs in the EIHL are, look no further; below are the five teams that hold the most trophies won in the league.

  1. Nottingham Panthers: 15 trophies
  2. Sheffield Steelers: 11 trophies
  3. Belfast Giants: 10 trophies
  4. Coventry Blaze: 8 trophies
  5. Cardiff Devils: 8 trophies

Top Players To Look Out For

The Elite Ice Hockey League is played at such a high level that a lot of the top players in the world have played in the EIHL at some point during their careers. Here are a few of the top players to look out for during the season:

  1. Daniel Tedesco
  2. David Goodwin
  3. Scott Conway
  4. Nathanael Halbert
  5. Brett Ferguson
  6. Trevor Cox
  7. Cole Sanford
  8. Sam Marklund
  9. Jesper Ohrvall
  10. Elijiah Barriga

Where To Watch The Games?

If you’re keen to tune in and watch a game in the Elite Ice Hockey League, you have a couple of options. The first is to watch the games live on TV. The Elite Ice Hockey League has been broadcasting games on Sky Sports since the league’s inception. They regularly show live games and have shown every EIHL season. You can also watch games on the EIHL’s official streaming service via their website. Just click the ‘Watch Online’ button on their home page and click on the webcast for the games you want to watch.

Going To See A Game In Person

If you’re interested in watching the Elite Ice Hockey League live, you can. You just have to know when and where the games are taking place. You can find out the information by visiting the EIHL’s official website. You can also catch games by visiting the website of an EIHL team. Many of them have their own websites where you can find out when and where they are playing next. If you do want to go and see a game in person, you may be able to find tickets for sale on the team’s website. You can also find tickets for sale through the EIHL website.

Making The Game More Exciting With Betting Sites

If you want to make the Elite Ice Hockey League even more exciting, you can do so by betting on the outcomes of games. There are a number of online betting sites where you can do this. Some of the most popular sites for betting on ice hockey games include Betfair, Bet365, William Hill, and 888 Sport. There are some advantages to betting on the Elite Ice Hockey League. The first is that you can make the game more exciting for yourself. You can turn watching games into a betting game with your friends and family. That can make the Elite Ice Hockey League even more exciting for you. You can also win money from betting on ice hockey games, which you can use to improve your viewing experience even further. If you’re new to betting and you’re not sure how to get started, check out the best sports betting sites for beginners. This will be a great way to get started.

Great Arenas To Watch The Games In

There are a number of great arenas in the UK and Ireland where you can watch the Elite Ice Hockey League in person. Some of the most popular arenas to catch an EIHL game in include SSE Arena Belfast, Braehead Arena, and the Coventry Skydome. Other arenas to consider include:

  • Cardiff International Arena
  • Dundee Ice Arena
  • Fife Ice Arena
  • National Ice Centre
  • Utilita Arena Sheffield

Other Ice Hockey Leagues To Check Out

Even when you’re a beginner to the Elite Ice Hockey League, you can still enjoy other leagues in the ice hockey world. Whether you’re watching the UK leagues, the EIHL or NIHL, or one of the leagues from across the pond like the NHL or CHL, ice hockey is a great sport to watch.

  • National Ice Hockey League: UK
  • National Hockey League: Canada and USA
  • American Hockey League: Canada and USA
  • East Coast Hockey League: Canada and USA
  • Canadian Hockey League: Canada

Wrapping Up

The Elite Ice Hockey League is a great sporting spectacle that provides high-speed, high-intensity action all year round. At this point in the season, it’s likely that the league is coming down to the wire with just a handful of games left to go. For those who want to catch the action live, it’s a great time to visit your favourite team’s arena.

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